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How a Dermatologist Can Improve Your Health

If you are concerned about either the health or the appearance of your skin then your Framingham, MA, dermatologist is your first call. To learn more about all the ways that your dermatologist can improve the health of your skin then reach out to your local skin health professionals,  Dr. Shahla Asvadi and Nicole Morgan PA-C of Framingham Dermatology.

Skin Conditions

A dermatologist is specially trained to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that affect your skin. They can prescribe medication and offer in-office treatment to address common symptoms like itchiness, irritation, and inflammation, among many others. Conditions that can cause these symptoms are eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, but these are just a few of the possible underlying issues your dermatologist can treat.


Although acne is rarely a serious health concern, the skin condition can still lead to long-term issues, like scarring, and the ongoing symptoms can cause discomfort.

It's true that for most, acne symptoms tend to go away on their own over time, but not everyone is so lucky. So if it's something with which you struggle then contact your dermatologist, they can prescribe a treatment plan that can help.

Skin Cancer

Perhaps one of the most important ways in which your dermatologists can help improve your health is through regular in-office examinations, which can greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer complications.

Regular screenings, along with self-examinations, can help spot potential problems early. Early detection can translate into early treatment, and early treatment is typically the least invasive and often the most successful when dealing with skin cancer.


Besides the preventive care, treatments, and other solutions that you can expect from your dermatologist, a great advantage they provide is what they can teach you. During every visit, your doctor can provide you with information and advice regarding how to properly care for your skin, for both health and appearance. But they can also answer questions and concerns you may have.

Dermatologist in Framingham, MA

Improve both the health and appearance of your skin, schedule a consultation today with your Framingham, MA, dermatologists,  Dr. Shahla Asvadi and Nicole Morgan PA-C of Framingham Dermatology by dialing (508) 644-0040.

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