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Eczema and Allergies: Managing Allergic Reactions

Itchy skin problems can keep you from sleeping, being social, and enjoying your life. Two of the most common causes of itchy skin are eczema and allergies. Your dermatologist can help you get relief. Dr. Shahla Asvadi and Nicole Morgan PA-C at Framingham Dermatology in Framingham, MA, provide a wide range of medical and cosmetic dermatology services, including management and treatment of eczema and skin allergies.

What You Need To Know About Eczema and Allergies

You can develop eczema and skin allergies from skin contact with chemicals or other irritants. Eczema can also develop if your skin is frequently dry, or if you have an immune system problem.

Skin rashes can have different characteristics, including:

  • Appearing as reddish-brown patches on your scalp, face, elbows, chest, knees, ankles, and feet
  • Severe itching which can worsen at night
  • Red, raw, swollen, or inflamed areas of skin
  • Dry, scaly, or patches of skin
  • Bumps on your skin crack and ooze fluid, developing a crust afterward

To manage allergic reactions and eczema, it’s important to know what you are allergic to, or what triggers your eczema, so you can try to avoid potential breakouts. Your dermatologist can test you for allergies, to determine which allergens are causing your rashes. Some of the most common causes of allergic rashes include toxic plants like poison ivy or poison oak. Eczema triggers include chemical exposure, and excessive sun, wind, or cold exposure.

If you develop a mild allergic reaction or eczema, you can help soothe your skin with:

  • Calamine lotion
  • Cool, wet bandages or dressings
  • Daily oatmeal or baking soda baths

For more moderate to severe allergic reactions or eczema symptoms, you should seek out the help of your dermatologist, who may recommend:

  • Prescription-strength oral and topical antihistamine medications
  • Antibiotic medications
  • Injectable or oral anti-inflammatory medications
  • Corticosteroid dressings
  • Light therapy to reduce eczema patches

Want To Know More?

To learn more about the management and treatment of eczema and allergies, call Dr. Shahla Asvadi and Nicole Morgan PA-C at Framingham Dermatology in Framingham, MA. You can reach them in the office by calling (508) 644-0040, so call today.

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